Md. Health Department uses false info to promote Covid-vaccination among children


The Maryland Department of Health recently launched the "Real Kids" media campaign using children aged 5-11 to promote and encourage parents to get their eligible children vaccinated against Covid-19.

In one of the videos entitled, "Want Us to Jump," the children make false claims about the vaccines and their effectiveness. Some of the false claims are outlined below with corrections.

CLAIM: "It's good to get the vaccine so you don't get sick."

CDC: The vaccines do not prevent infection. Many vaccinated people get ill with Covid; some of them seriously ill. Some die of Covid.

CLAIM: "The Covid shot helps protect me from Covid and my friends."

CDC: The vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission.

CLAIM: "You can basically like keep others from getting the virus."

CDC: The vaccines do not prevent transmission.

CLAIM: "It makes them safe, it makes all of us safe."

Scientists: The vaccines may or may not confer an element of safety, depending on the individual. Further, the vaccines have safety risks both known and unknown.

The CDC has long-confirmed that vaccinated and boosted people are routinely getting infected with Covid-19, and are infectious to others. In fact, CDC and other scientific groups have said the “viral load” can be as high in infected vaccinated people as it is in infected, unvaccinated people.

CDC says Covid-19 vaccinations reduce the odds of severe illness, hospitalization and death. However, CDC also says whether a person is vaccinated or not, their risk of severe illness is statistically very small. Among children, the risk is near zero.

The promotion of this video and these assertions raises serious questions about the health department's credibility and transparency. Americans should be able to receive reliable factual data from public health officials.

With ad content like this being promulgated, it is understandable why so many people of all ages continue to incorrectly believe that Covid mRNA vaccines prevent infection and transmission.

Though critics would rightly argue this ad is the epitome of "misinformation" it has been endorsed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his health secretary, and will be available for Marylanders and others to watch.


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