Mar da China Meridional: navios da guarda costeira chineses e aviões de guerra engajados

- SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - JULY 8, 2021 - Bhavan Jaipragas -

Chinese coastguard vessels have repeatedly ‘harassed Malaysian energy exploration’, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative said in its report. Photo: AP
  • Chinese coastguard ships ‘harassed’ Malaysian vessels near the Kasawari gas field last month, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative said in a report

  • An earlier patrol by 16 Chinese military aircraft, which Malaysia initially said had violated its airspace, was ‘likely not a coincidence’, the report said

A controversial incident that saw 16 Chinese military aircraft near Malaysian air space in late May coincided with similar activity by Chinese coastguard vessels in the area, and may have been part of “parallel escalation” efforts aimed at challenging energy exploration activities in the South China Sea, a US think tank said.

Unreported minor stand-offs between China and Southeast Asian claimant states are continuing, details in the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) report published on Thursday suggested, despite recent moves to hasten the introduction of a code of conduct for the disputed waterway.

AMTI, part of the Washington-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies, closely tracks developments in the South China Sea using data from tracking transponders and satellite images.

This data showed a Chinese coastguard vessel operating near the Kasawari gas field off the coast of Malaysia’s Sarawak state on June 4, it said – soon after a pipe-laying vessel hired by Malaysia had arrived in the area.


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