Mandate FREEDOM Protest! NYC Mayor Adams won’t BUDGE: thousands of NYC workers may lose their jobs

- GELLER REPORT - Pamela Hall - FEB 14, 2022 -

NY City Hall Rally for NYC workers : Teachers, Fire Fighters. Parents , mothers and their children : DEMANDING FREEDOM FROM these Un-Constitutional MANDATES.

Mayor Adams says he won’t BUDGE so thousands may lose their jobs due to their vaccination status. OUR LIBERTY is lost to these tyrants.

Excerpted quotes from Giuliani speaking:

What I ask of the government today. Look at the data. Follow the science … This is all about power and control. Getting NY-rs to bend their knee to the government … The 4000 workers who could lose their jobs today. Health care workers. Cops. the Bravest who run into these fires. …

WE are their bosses. (Hochul. Adams) They work for us. For the people …. These un-Constitutional mandates …. They want our silence. To shut up and comply.

This is NOT about the science. The data. WE have followed the science when it comes to our children. (the mothers) have been begging- pleading to follow the science.

We need to let the truth led the way. CHOICE. Let’s unmask our children and stand with those who are standing for our freedom


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