Make Americans Free Again!

- Peter R. Breggin, MD - JULY, 2021 - The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour -

“MAKE AMERICANS FREE AGAIN!” One woman inspires people across the U.S.A. to fight for healthcare freedom—and she’s winning. An extraordinary, revitalizing hour with Pam Popper PhD about her new organization, about its legal efforts, about fighting against the abuse of children under COVID-19, and ultimately about regaining control over our healthcare—all of which requires retaking America. If you’re feeling frustrated and don’t know where to turn, Pam Popper provides not only her own example but also instructions that you can personalize. You can start your own Thursday Meetings—and join Making Americans Free Again. Help in the restoring of America by harnessing your own spiritual and mental steam--and rebuilding your own personal enthusiasm and engagement with life. If you're already a fully engaged activist meet one of the most amazingly productive people you can work with.

Peter Breggin MD

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