Leaked Email Exposes Plot to Get Warrants Against Unmasked Students in Loudoun County

- RED STATE - Nick Arama - FEB 8, 2022 -

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier, File

We’re seeing a lot of movement on mask mandates in schools. You know somewhere that Democrats must have been looking at their internal polls and seeing how most Americans are against this. But it’s a little too late — we know who the party of mandates has been and who has been oppressing the kids.

As we reported Monday, school mask mandates are being lifted in March, even in the deep blue states of New Jersey and Delaware. Legal action is continuing in Virginia on Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order providing for an “opt-out” for parents. Youngkin got a victory on Monday with a challenge to his executive order being tossed out, although other litigation continues. A court has issued a temporary restraining order against Youngkin’s executive order, but that’s being appealed. Parents are also suing a Virginia school board’s members for not acting in accordance with Youngkin’s executive order.

But now a bombshell, leaked email shows that a security official in Loudoun County, Virginia, was coaching principals on how to obtain a warrant against students to arrest those who tried to enter the schools maskless.

The email was sent by John Clark, the Director of Safety and Security for Loudoun County Public Schools to the Loudoun County principals on Feb. 1.


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