Lawmaker confronts abortion doctor over reality of abortion procedures. Her reaction says it all

- THE BLAZE - CHRIS ENLOE - MAY 19, 2022 -

Image source: YouTube screenshot


An Alabama physician who performs abortions accused Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) of using "inflammatory language" Wednesday after he described the brutal reality of abortion procedures.

What happened?

During a tense House Judiciary Committee hearing, Roy asked Dr. Yashica Robinson — who operates one of three facilities in Alabama that provide abortions, according to — about her experience aborting unborn children.

"What is the latest you have performed an abortion in terms of weeks of the unborn child?" Roy asked directly.

Unfortunately, Robinson appeared uninterested in answering Roy's question.

"Yes, my name is Dr. Robinson and I provide abortion care in Alabama. So Alabama has restrictions —" she responded before Roy interjected.

"What is the answer to the question? The latest that you have performed an abortion?" the congressman asked again.

“I’m going to answer your question," Robinson responded. "So, unfortunately, my state is one of those states that has passed bans or restrictions on abortion care, which limits physicians like myself —"

"In other words, you’d like to do it later," Roy interjected again, before asking a third time, "What is the latest you have performed an abortion?"

Robinson finally answered, "Well, since I will always follow the law and I live in the state of Alabama, I provide abortion care up until 20 weeks gestational age."


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