L.A. Psychiatrist Says COVID Policies Are ‘Not About Health,’ They’re About Authoritarian Control

- AMERICAN GREATNESS - Debra Heine - OCT 22, 2021 -

A Los Angeles based psychiatrist has come forward to denounce global COVID policies like lockdowns, masking, and vaccine mandates, arguing that these policies are not about health, but about control, and the endgame is a Chinese style authoritarian government.

Dr. Mark McDonald has a private practice in West LA, where for the past 12 years, he has treated children with autism and trauma, as well as obsessive-compulsive and bipolar disorders. In the past year, Dr. McDonald said he has seen a massive uptick in depressed, confused, and anxiety-ridden children, who have been traumatized by the dehumanizing COVID health policies that have been imposed on them.

McDonald and primary care physician Dr. Jeff Barke have a new podcast called “Informed Dissent, The Intersection of Healthcare and Politics.”

During an appearance on the Steve Deace radio show on Blaze TV, Thursday, McDonald said that at the beginning of the pandemic, he would have considered the idea that we are living through a global “psyop” a nutty conspiracy theory.

“A year and a half ago, I would have called this conspiracy theory, fear-mongering, McDonald told Deace, noting that he’s always been on the side of science and reason.

But after following events closely for the past two years, he said that the word psyop to describe what’s been going on “is justified.”

“I am convinced that from the very beginning of this pandemic, and very quickly soon after it started, this push for universal coerced vaccination, and all its machinations and job firings, and keeping kids out of school, masked, distancing—all of this stuff,” McDonald said. “None of it—not any of it was ever about health. It was always about control, and I believe that the control was being fed, and is being fed off of the fear of innocent Americans, and now in particular, parents of children.”



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