Klaus Schwab’s Tower of Babel

- AMERICAN GREATNESS - Theodore Roosevelt Malloch - MAR 10, 2022 -

The European Union and Davos-style globalism is saturating the globe on all continents. It pretends to make the world a better place. It does no such thing.

The Tower of Babel was real. The structure, reaching far into the skies, was built in the land of Shinar, in ancient Babylon. It was constructed some years after the Deluge, or what is commonly called Noah’s flood.

Globalists in the European project—especially at Davos, in Switzerland, and in the U.S. Democratic Party—have been building their own modern-day tower for many decades. Their punishment of Europe has been Biblical in scale, and now they want to expand it worldwide. Joe Biden and his advisors are fully on board with the project of bringing it full-scale to America.

Today that Tower of Babel is the World Economic Forum, the European Union, and other globalist organizations. Tomorrow, it will expand and include one-world government, currency, and media.

The original tower broke God’s covenant and his commandments—unifying people in sin. Similarly, Davos’ Babel is rapidly becoming the gate through which Hell itself spills onto the continent and spreads its tentacles to places like Canada, Australia, and even the United States.

This warning has been ignored by the Eurocrats in Brussels and Strasbourg—they speak of building a European empire, with sons and daughters drafted into a European Army going off to die for the socialist Chancellor of Germany. Klaus Schwab, in Kungian fashion, preaches a “global ethic” that does away with diverse faith traditions handed down over the centuries. In America, Biden sacrifices our hard-won sovereignty in everything he touches—from healthcare to homeland security to green new deals.

In truth, such actions represent the sinful pride of mankind and an act of ultimate hubris—wanting to reach the heavens—where persons in the elite cadre could become like gods themselves.

Historically, Babel has been explained as an attempt to comprehend the existence of so many diverse languages—an allegorical myth.

To prevent the wrath of God, Davosians, like Americans, must keep faith in the system the Lord gave them. The sacred canopy and laws of an ordered universe were not meant to be sacrificed for some socialist, earthly one-world political goal.

Towering over the nations of Europe, Brussels promotes nothing like a healthy culture. The elites of Davos favor instead a universalist anti-culture, a sinful attempt to standardize every nation into sameness and socialism. They seek to reset the present system with a trans-human ideology of an expert illuminati, headed by a Dr. Evil-like character, one Klaus Schwab.

And who is this Schwab character?


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