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Justin Trudeau praises China's anti-COVID lockdown protestors -- but not Canada's truckers

AMERICAN THINKER - Monica Showalter - DEC 1, 2022

How's this for hypocrisy?

At a time when celebrities, tech barons, and the White House are laying low about the gargantuan anti-COVID lockdown protests spreading throughout China, Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is loudly virtue-signalling:

Said Justin:

“Everyone in China should be allowed to protest. We will continue to ensure that China knows we will stand for human rights and with people who are expressing themselves."…

Which sounds like rotten meat coming from a guy like him.

Trudeau, recall, just last February employed pepper spray, tow trucks, bank account freezes, Bitcoin seizures, child removals from homes, and arrests of protest leaders to end a Canadian truck strike for the exact same group of causes -- vaxx mandates and continuous lockdowns, through unprecedented tactics that could only rival what the ChiCom goons and their "big whites" beating protestors into "health" are doing now.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds has a meme:

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian intellectual, has the best response to this:

How indeed does he live with himself? How can he even look in the mirror in the morning?

If I had to guess, it may be that he's attempting to make the voters forget.

Turns out he's a despised guy in Canada because of his lockdown thuggery which was unprecedented in the western world.

The Wall Street Journal reported on March 3:

OTTAWA—The protests that rocked Canada are over, but they have undermined Canadians’ faith in their government and hurt the image of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, new polling shows. Approval among Canadians about the Trudeau-led Liberal Party is near a 12-month low as of last week, according to polling from Ottawa-based Nanos Research. A separate Nanos poll, gathered after Mr. Trudeau cleared a nearly monthlong trucker-led demonstration that had choked the capital, indicates almost half of Canadians say their impressions of the prime minister had worsened during the protest, which called for the end of Covid-19 restrictions.

Yet he couldn't bring himself to sit this China goonery out.

Empty words like this from him are arguably the textbook definition of virtue-signalling, claiming that thuggish, draconian repression of protests over lockdowns are bad when China does it, but perfectly fine when he does.

He's got a lot to answer for with that one. He's made himself a pariah. He should have joined Lebron and Tim Cook and sat that one out at minimum.

But he can't stop talking -- let alone hear how loathesome he sounds.


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