Jogadores da NBA se beneficiam de empresas chinesas cúmplices com 'Trabalho Escravo'

- NTD - JULY 30, 2021 - Lorenz Duchamps -

Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) speaks to Epoch Times reporter Joshua Philipp at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 28, 2021. (Screenshot/The Epoch Times)

Several U.S. lawmakers are urging National Basketball Association (NBA) players to end endorsement deals with Chinese sportswear firms that are linked to forced labor, according to reports.

“Americans can’t and shouldn’t conduct business with companies and players that profit through human slavery,” Rep. Scott Perry (R-Penn.) told Politico. “And that includes NBA players—they can’t sign endorsement deals and benefit off slave labor.”

There are currently more than a dozen players with the NBA who have signed contracts with firms, including Anta, Li-Ning, and Peak, that have admitted to using cotton produced in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

“If they didn’t know [their corporate sponsor] sourced slave labor cotton from Xinjiang, that’s one thing,” Perry said. “But if they do know … they are complicit with slavery.”

The Republican lawmaker noted in a message to U.S. consumers to not buy their apparel if people are aware that those players are “profiting off slave labor.”

“If their income from these endorsement deals start to dwindle, they’ll get the point,” Perry told the network.


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