It's Not About Trump vs. Biden; It's about Civilization vs. Anarchy

- AMERICAN THINKER - Sep 10, 2020 -

By Civis Americanus

Some of my Democratic friends have asked me how I can possibly consider voting for Donald Trump in light of his vulgar comments about women and his alleged disrespect for fallen American soldiers. The answer is that the election is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden; it is about the future of the United States. The renowned historian Victor Davis Hanson's "Plague, Panic, and Protests — the Weird Election Year of 2020" requires about 30 minutes, but it is worth hearing if you have the time.

The "woke" Democrat left has published proven lies about President Trump to the effect that he advised people to swallow or inject themselves with disinfectants and bleach to cure coronavirus, and that he forced illegal alien detainees to drink out of toilets. Trump asked, and the context was that the question was for medical doctors to answer, whether disinfectants and ultraviolet light can be used inside the human body. Experiments are being tried with ultraviolet light, and inhalable antiviral drugs have been around for a long time. Detention centers have fixtures that consist of a toilet and sink as a single unit, and detainees drink from the latter and not the former. These proven lies about President Trump reflect on the credibility of the left's other accusations.

Let Shakespeare Explain

Assume, however, for the sake of argument that everything the Democrats say about Trump is true. It is nonetheless far more important that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party not have the presidency than it is for Donald Trump or any Republican to have it.

King Henry V said on the eve of the Battle of Agincourt, "Besides, there is no king, be his cause never so spotless, if it come to the arbitrament of swords, can try it out with all unspotted soldiers. Some, peradventure, have on them the guilt of premeditated and contrived murder; some, of beguiling virgins with the broken seals of perjury[.]" If Henry V had dismissed every man with a questionable background, he would probably have had to fight the French the next day by himself. This assumes he was himself qualified to remain, given his purportedly riotous youth in the company of people like Falstaff.

Duke Prospero said similarly of his minion Caliban, "He does make our fire, fetch in our wood, and serves in offices that profit us." President Trump serves similarly in offices that profit us by holding at bay the forces that intend openly to have a "revolution" and "transform" the United States.


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