Is Trudeau Crazy or Ignorant?

- NEWSMAX - Dick Morris - FEB 22, 2022 -

Four weeks ago, there were 58,000 new COVID-19 cases per day in Canada. On Feb. 20, there were 3,000.

Yet with the disease in retreat and solid evidence emerging that Canadians are protected against its spread, with 78% of the population vaccinated and 74% double vaccinated, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is willing to tear his country apart to enforce vaccine and mask mandates over a disease that's going away.

If there were a Nobel Prize for igorance, I would nominate Trudeau.

He could end the violence of police against the truckers, the tie-ups in the country’s supply chain, the traffic jams and the disruption with the stroke of a pen, repealing mandates that make no sense anymore and make less day by day.

Why won’t he do it? Pride and stubbornness?

Why won't he won’t admit that continuing the mandates is a mistake?

Whether they always were is a matter for academic debate.

But he could easily declare their mission accomplished and triumphantly lift them sparing his nation the agony of the scenes that unfolded in Ottawa over the weekend.

The lesson for American political leaders is clear: Lift the d**n mandates.

To paraphrase Oliver Cromwell in his speech to the Long Parliament: "You have sat too long for any good you might once have been doing. Now, in the name of God, go!"


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