Is cancel culture finally cannibalizing itself?

- NEW YORK POST - David Marcus - SEP 28, 2021 -

The fake ‘your hood’ PC outrage might finally tip the scale against cancel culture

Like a sitcom in its death throes jumping the proverbial shark, the cancel-culture movement is plunging into a humiliating depth of inanity. This weekend, video emerged from a person called Frederick Joseph, a regular practitioner of “man on the street put-up jobs,” showing a confrontation with a white woman named Emma Sarley.

Sarley supposedly told Joseph, who is black, to “go back to [his] hood.” Or at least that’s what he says. She doesn’t say this on the video.

The familiar fracas ensued: Social-media mobs assembled, and quickly Sarley was fired from her job. But what happened next was a little different.

Joseph and Sarley’s boss, tech company CEO Derek Andersen, didn’t get a warm reception for his hair-trigger firing. Instead, a whole different social-media movement emerged, rightly calling out the cruelty and absurdity of Sarley’s fate.

And it wasn’t just the usual free-speech crowd. Even New York Times 1619 project leader Nikole Hannah-Jones, who could find racism in a box of Pop Tarts, tweeted, “This doesn’t sit right with me.”


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