Investigator who helped unravel Russiagate case says next mission is forcing media corrections


Kash Patel says the public was misled for years because reporters were blinded by Trump hatred.

The congressional investigator who played a key role in unraveling the Russia collusion narrative says his next mission is to force the news media to make necessary corrections to the avalanche of false stories they produced over the last many years.

“The course correction that I’ve been trying to work on since I left government service is you have to find a way to correct the media,” Kash Patel told Just the News.

“Because for years, they lied to 50% of the American population who believe everything they said, that Trump was in bed with Russians and Putin and that Trump was getting paid. And Trump knew that Vladimir Putin was using U.S. dollars to kill American soldiers.”

Patel, a former national security prosecutor who worked as chief investigator for the House Intelligence Committee, said the media errors and omissions have extended long after the Russia case to the pandemic because reporters can’t let go of their hatred for former President Donald Trump.

“Their hatred for Donald Trump intentionally blinded their ability to report credibly, and America is finally seeing it,” he said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“Look I’m not celebrating that we’re finally getting to the truth. But I’m pretty upset that our media has gone so far down the toilet. That’s not a free press that we want. That’s not what our founders envisioned when they enshrined the First Amendment and the rights therein.”

Patel is pursuing lawsuits against false stories against him and has created a group called Fight with Kash to help others pressure the media for corrections when warranted.

Patel, who also worked at the Trump National Security Council and Pentagon, said he is heartened by Special Counsel John Durham’s indictments and continuing investigation of the origins and spread of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative by a shady network of partisan operatives and contractors.

He said more indictments are likely and are important for America to regain trust in this FBI and Justice Department.


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