Interview: A Post-Election Reckoning Biden pressured by the Left at home, reverting to old ways...

- DANIEL PIPES - Nov 11, 2020 -

Paolo Querci -

Il Sussidiario: You are a conservative and a Republican but an unenthusiastic Trump supporter, having quit the Republican Party when he was nominated in 2016, worried that he was a neo-fascist (you labelled him Trumpolini). Despite that, you endorsed him in 2020. Why did you change your mind?

Daniel Pipes: He governed, with important exceptions, as a mainstream conservative in the areas of justice, education, taxes, deregulation, the environment, the administrative state, and foreign policy. His questionable personality did not cause any crises.

IS: Trump apparently lost the election by a narrow margin to a weak Democratic candidate. Why?

DP: At this moment, Donald Trump has not conceded, so the election is not over yet. Assuming he did lose, it was by tiny margins in a few states that he won in 2016, perhaps because the Democrats paid much more attention to those states than the last time. The remarkable thing about this election is its similarity to four years earlier at all levels – president, Senate, House, governorships, state assemblies. It seems that very few people changed their minds.


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