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If You Do Not Want the Experimental VaXXine Send This to HR

- LEW LOCKWELL - AUG 27, 2021 - Allan Stevo -

A reader writes:

Dear Allan,

I am writing to you in regards to your essay you had written “Employer wants me to get the Vaccine! What do I do?

I received the mandate in email that our enterprise would require vaccination with an approved vaccine by October 15th 2021. I unfortunately knew this day would come since the roll out of the COVID vaccines. I would only guess that you have many emails such as mine requesting help with employer mandates such as this one. I have read the essay multiple times trying to understand the path I need to take.

I have printed off our COVID vaccine policy and enclosed with this email. I have also reread both documents multiple times and honestly I don’t see much legalese within either document that would make it difficult to read. The one policy “MGB COVID 19 VACCINE Policies” has information regarding exemptions from the vaccines.

In your essay you wrote to ignore the employer form and not to mention it unless it has been mentioned to me first. Unfortunately It has been mentioned in the original email and in multiple team meetings. I have actually sent you a picture of the form. But in case the picture does not open or is removed because of antivirus I have also supplied the text of the information requested.

Should I still write a letter or do I complete this form?

This is unfortunately uncharted territory for me and for many others like me who believe we are being coerced into taking untested and dangerous gene therapy. I still plan on speaking with my manager about the mandate.

I welcome you your opinions and recommendations

— An Man Who Will Never Take Another Shot


Thank you for this note. You are in a common situation. There is no one size fits all approach, but let me give you a few suggestions for your situation and which apply to many other situations as well.

No One Has A Crystal Ball

Would you have believed a month ago that the Taliban would be in Kabul with perhaps 10,000+ American hostage and $80 billion+ of American weapons, while world leaders call Hillary Clinton for advice, the White House ignores phone calls, Biden is back in his basement in Delaware eating ice cream, and the illegitimate President of the US and illegitimate Vice President play chicken with each other for days on who will address the compliant media first?

Me neither.

My point is this — a lot can change in a month.

Time Is On Your Side & Their Narrative Is Crumbling

It is almost 60 days until you need to take this shot. A lot can happen. I strongly recommend that you turn in zero paperwork until as close to October 14, 2021, as you can. Zero. Nothing. Follow the policy. October 15, 2021, is your deadline. Treat it as your deadline.


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