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I’m Never Getting A Covid Vaccine, And I’m Not Alone

- THE FEDERALIST - John Daniel Davidson - JAN 11, 2022 -

Back in September I got Covid, and got it bad. For two weeks I was too sick to work or do much of anything except sit on the couch or lie down in bed. The initial (and very intense) flu-like symptoms turned into a bad cough, which slowly faded into persistent fatigue and what many have described as a kind of Covid “brain fog.” It was nearly a month before I had recovered enough to work out and resume a normal schedule.

For all that, though, I was relieved. Having contracted Covid and recovered from what was by no means a mild case, I knew that my natural immunity conferred longer lasting and stronger protection against future infection and illness than the immunity I could get from any of the Covid vaccines.

But I was also relieved because it irrevocably settled a question for me: No matter what else happens in this pandemic, I’m never going to get a Covid vaccine. Ever. I’m one of the “unvaccinated,” and I’m going to stay that way.

A lot of people, upon hearing this, won’t want to listen to anything else I have to say. They’ll conclude I’m a crank and a conspiracy theorist — or just a blithering idiot. The unvaccinated, for too many Americans, are nothing more than selfish rabble whose continued intransigence is, at best, needlessly putting the vulnerable at risk and, at worst, outright killing people.

If anyone is to blame for the terrible toll of Covid, their thinking goes, it’s people like me, who are perpetuating what President Biden has repeatedly called a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” We’re so awful, according to Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik, that although it might be ghoulish to mock us if we die of Covid, it’s necessary. After all, we’re just getting what we deserve.

Yet at least 40 percent of the country remains unvaccinated. You can’t just write off 130 million Americans as conspiracy theory-addled rubes, or decide it’s okay to dance on their graves if they die of Covid. That’s a recipe for a poisoned public discourse, and it’s fundamentally un-American.

Besides, one thing the omicron variant has made clear is that we’re going to have to learn to live with Covid, at least for a while. So it’s time for the vaccinated to try to understand the motivations of the unvaccinated, and learn to live with them, too, instead of incessantly scapegoating and demonizing them.

Why I Chose Not To Get A Vaccine — And Don’t Regret It

Like millions of other Americans, I chose not to get a Covid vaccine for a variety of reasons. Before I caught Covid, I knew that my age, fitness level, and medical history all put me in a very low-risk category for severe illness or hospitalization.


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