Hunter’s Emails Provide Ample Evidence to Warrant a Special Counsel Investigation into Joe Biden

- SLAY NEWS - Frank Bergman - APR 29, 2022 -

The DoJ is badly broken, severely compromised and co-opted by the party of treason. They are an arm of the criminal party. What hope are we to have for justice?

When the New York Times finally admitted that Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” was real, it gave confirmation that the allegations were legitimate, not because the left-wing newspaper is more trustworthy than conservative outlets, but because the issue became bipartisan.

Since the story was first broke by the New York Post in October 2020, right-leaning reporting on the computer was roundly smeared by Democrats and their media allies as “Russian disinformation.”

If you ever read any of the emails or saw the contents from the hard drive of the laptop, you probably already knew it was legitimate.

However, the Left can no longer dispute the authenticity of the “Laptop from Hell” or any of the damaging information that it contains.


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