Hundreds gather in Liverpool city centre for rally on first weekend of new Tier 3 rules

- LIVERPOOL ECHO - Oct 17, 2020 -

Alan Weston -

Several hundred people attended a rally in Liverpool city centre this afternoon on the first weekend after the region was put under new strict restrictions.

The event in St John's Gardens was billed as a "mental health awareness rally" organised by a group called Save Our City.

They listened to speeches and at one point started singing the Bob Marley song Three Little Birds with its chorus of "Everything little thing is gonna be all right."

In pictures taken of the gathering, which included children and families, there appeared to be a lack of social distancing and the vast majority were not wearing masks.

A number of signs and banners were also seen in the crowd, including one which read 'Covid hoax' and another which read 'The fear of death is the beginning of slavery'.

Police were also seen in attendance with a number of vehicles and officers stationed around the crowd.


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