How voter fraud impacts down-ballot races


Thanks very much to reader Shelley H. of Arizona for pointing out another major reason for keeping fraud out of elections: namely, the potential for changing outcomes in down-ballot races.

We'd like to point out, however, that we HAVE paid quite a bit of attention to this issue, stressing that leftist organizations such as Justice Democrats, funded in large part by George Soros, focus like a laser beam on under-the-radar, down-ballot local races, particularly for local law enforcement, such as sheriff; city council; and the judicial bench. Failure to address this in your city is how you end up waking up one morning to a defunded police department and greatly curtailed law enforcement, homeless encampments on your front sidewalk, "sanctuaries" for thousands of illegal immigrants, or schools indoctrinating your kids on critical race theory, anti-capitalism and gender transition.

That said, here’s her excellent letter, which explains how voter fraud impacts those very important elections that hit you where you live...

Dear Gov. Huckabee:

You are ALL leaving out one really important aspect of this –- down balloting! Everyone is focused on the presidential election only, but this affects all federal, state and local elections.

Maricopa County has the largest population, as it is the Phoenix metro area. So if a voter moved out of Maricopa County and into a rural area, that area is more likely to be heavily Republican-leaning. If 2/3 of these problem votes were Democrats, did Democrats vote in Maricopa County in order to influence other elections? Did House members get "elected" by illegal votes? What about state senators and house reps? How about the Maricopa Country Recorder, Sheriff and other county positions? What about the school boards? What about the ballot initiatives?

Many of those are county or city specific. Think about the impact these irregular ballots had on all of those elections. It's far worse than people are looking at, especially those not in the state. But [state GOP chairwoman] Kelli Ward is aware of these issues and [that] is why she continues to push for voter integrity in the state.

There is so much that could be asked about what the county claims to have done with these ballots, but I have many more questions about how they handled them. It doesn't make sense with what I know, and as a poll worker in the past, this brings up even more questions. I am an Arizona voter!

From the Gov:

Thanks so much for writing, Shelley. It’s critical to be aware of the down-ballot races and how they can be affected by fraud in the ways you mentioned.

Speaking of Kelli Ward, there’s some unfortunate news today concerning her chairmanship of the Arizona GOP. Since the audit she had pushed so hard for did determine that Biden won the recount (even with a few more votes), some are calling on her to step down. Of course, we’re looking from the outside in, but this seems to us to make no sense at all. The audit has been extremely valuable to those not just looking for a political narrative, having turned up huge anomalies, some of which we have discussed here in the past couple of days. As you say, there are many questions that still need answers. And mail-in balloting has been shown to be far too unreliable and downright inaccurate for elections as nail-bitingly close as the one we had in Arizona in 2020.

The recount doesn’t really mean much, as it was just a matter of counting the same at-issue ballots over again. (It’s like what they say about computers or the House Budget Office: “garbage in, garbage out.”) The mainstream media, however, used Biden’s “win” as the big take-away, ignoring the serious questions and problems brought to light by the audit. It’s a sorry shame if Arizona Republicans choose, weirdly, to dance to CNN’s tune and blame Ward for an outcome they see as lacking. So very disappointing. We wish her luck with the powers that be in Arizona.

Former President Trump understands the significance of this audit. As reported in the WASHINGTON TIMES, “Mr. Trump, who has touted Mrs. Ward as a fighter for months, billed the audit results as a victory for himself, despite the report confirming his loss. ‘The audit has uncovered significant and undeniable evidence of fraud. I have heard it is far different from that being reported by the fake news media,’ he said.” He’s right (as usual); it certainly is.

Of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Ward tweeted, “These men will go down in history as the fools who certified an uncertifiable election in Maricopa County, Arizona. The historic, first ever #FullForensicAudit proved unequivocally that we have no idea who got the most legal votes in 2020. #Decertify.”

Ward is correct in saying that there really is no way to verify the outcome in Arizona, given the razor-thin margin and the number of questionable ballots found by the audit. (Incidentally, we’re still wondering who edited the words to that effect out of the draft of the audit report, the version that Patrick Byrne posted on his website. I assume the decision to leave that part out was made by the same Board of Supervisors.) Sadly, it seems there are some Republicans in positions of leadership in Arizona who, for some reason, don’t want to tackle the problems that led to an unverifiable election in 2020.

As our reader so astutely pointed out, those same problems will likely affect not only future presidential elections but also down-ballot contests for everything from the U.S. House to police chief to...well, the very officials who oversee elections county-by-county.


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