How to survive the riots if President Trump is re-elected

- AMERICAN THINKER - 0ct 31, 2020 -

Pete McArdle -

Don't let your house look like this. (YouTube screen grab, cropped.) Read more: Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

Many, including me, are willing to bet the house that Donald Trump will be re-elected, either on November 3 as the clock nears midnight or several days or weeks afterward, when the Supreme Court finally stops the Democrats from "finding" and counting additional ballots for Sleepy Joe.

Do realize, however, that in the event of a Trump victory, that house you just bet with will be gravely endangered, as will your business, your livelihood, and even your personal safety.

Lunatics under the best of conditions, liberals and leftists have already promised mostly peaceful rioting and socially just attacks on Trump-supporters if The Donald prevails.

So if you don't want your home or business burned to the ground with you in it simply because Trump won, there are several steps you must take now.

Like bulls, libs are enraged by the color red.  So now is the time to put away all your red Trump signs and paraphernalia, not to mention anything red like, say, a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap.  Let's face it: the 2020 electoral cake is already baked; leaving that Trump sign on your lawn won't change any minds.  But it will make your home an easy target for anarchists, arsonists, and Antifarians.

And though libs are none too bright, making critical decisions based solely on emotion and dopey slogans, some of them may remember that you once had a Trump sign in your yard or wore a MAGA hat around town.  Some protective camouflage is certainly in order.

Get some poster board and colored markers and make some yard signs to fool the leftist tools who'd do you harm.  Any foolish sequence of thoughts will work, like Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, and Hire People with Hooks.  Or When It Comes to Hate, Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen.  Almost any idiotic sentiment will work; it needn't make sense.


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