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How the west is being lost

- MELAINE PHILLIPS - JULY 21, 2021 - Melanie Phillips -

Tarring and Feathering the Prophet; CCA Christensen, 1831-1912

The convolutions of the culture war are becoming ever more twisted.

As I observed here, the “anti-racist” identity-politics ideologues promoting it are now claiming that the culture war is an invention of those resisting it, aka “the right”.

They are unable to deal with being called out for promoting bigotry themselves by endorsing the false claim that white society is innately and systematically racist, thus damning every member of that society on the basis of the colour of their skin. So to deflect this point they assert, with breathtaking moral and intellectual legerdemain, that anyone who criticises Black Lives Matter or supporters of taking the knee — the vehicle and the symbol of that anti-white attitude — is therefore demonstrably racist.

There was an example of this two days ago in the Guardian where, in a column lamenting that “the right” was winning the culture war, Nesrine Malik attacked me for having called out Black Lives Matter as racist on BBC TV’s Politics Live last week.

Wrote Malik:

The right’s culture warriors have profited enormously from their opponents’ failure to understand the nature of the war and the means by which it is fought.

And how has this war been fought? Apparently by the Conservatives having

successfully connected race to patriotism in the public mind.

The fact that the left is libelling the attachment to western culture as “white supremacism” was thus turned into a character assassination of the victims of that onslaught. Malik went on:

Culture war is an aggressive political act with the purpose of creating new dividing lines and therefore new and bigger electoral majorities… In the right’s mobile army, race and identity have played a central role, painting an England that is under assault from uppity minorities and their woke backers who can only be kept at bay by the Conservatives.

And so of course, my remarks on Politics Live were duly cherry-picked to demonstrate this Machiavellian strategy:

The Times columnist Melanie Phillips, invited on to the BBC on Wednesday to discuss the horrific abuse suffered by three young black footballers, simply explained that taking the knee was actually the “racist gesture”, and that Black Lives Matter was “fundamentally anti-white, anti-west, anti-Jew”.

Malik somehow unaccountably omitted the fact that I strongly condemned that horrific racial abuse, and furthermore said in terms that the England footballers undoubtedly believed that in “taking the knee” they were merely making a decent protest against racism.

Strikingly, she also seemed unaware of her own contradiction in claiming that people who think like me “deny racism is an issue” — while attacking me three sentences later for saying that taking the knee is a racist gesture.


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