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How the US election is being won - in charts and maps

- SKY NEWS - Nov 4, 2020 -

Philip Whiteside, international news reporter, and Carmen Aguilar Garcia, data journalist

It's still too close to call but there are some trends in the voting patterns that are emerging.

Early indications are that the polls have been proved wrong in many cases, with several swing states showing strong support for Donald Trump.

Despite that, Joe Biden looks as though he may have gained Arizona, a state that has been Republican for many years.

. The industrial north will decide it

Ohio is the ultimate bellwether state which Trump secured in 2016 with his appeal to its sizeable group of non-college educated white voters. His focus on manufacturing and the problems caused by outsourcing made the difference in eastern Ohio which had long voted Democrat but swung sharply right.

It is a bellwether because it has mirrored the national result in every election since 1944, apart from 1960.

In 2020, Mr Trump increased his vote by at least 150,000 on the 2016 result.


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