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How crazy are Democrats?!?


As long as we’re on the subject of the Democrats letting the tail wag the dog and kowtowing to their crazy radical left wing, how about a round-up of stories illustrating just how crazy they are?

1. Continuing the left's campaigns of open harassment as the best way to influence people, some illegal immigration amnesty activists followed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into the women’s restroom at the Arizona college where she teaches and kept lecturing and lobbying her from outside the toilet stall door while filming the entire intrusion on their cell phones.

Incidentally, they also continued the harassment in her class and proudly chanted that they were “undocumented and unafraid,” which sounds as if they’re daring the feds to deport them. How about taking them up on that dare?

Sen. Sinema seems to be reaching the end of her patience with the leaders of her Party….

And she can’t be too crazy about the idiotic rank-and-file members who film and harass women in public bathrooms. My suggestion to her: change parties. Join the Republicans, the party that believes women actually have a right to privacy in their bathrooms.

PS – Here’s info on the Arizona law that makes it a crime to film people in bathrooms without their consent, if anyone is interested in arresting, expelling or deporting these people.

2. If you thought caring, compassionate leftists were better than that, where in the world did you get that crazy idea? These are the same people who react with open glee to the news that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID-19.

Sadly for them, he’s fine.

3. Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the “Progressive” caucus, told CNN that she wouldn’t vote for any bill that has the Hyde Amendment in it, which bans federal funding of elective abortions. She then kept talking and revealed that she doesn’t even understand what the Hyde Amendment is, and that she thinks a majority of Americans oppose it, when countless polls show the opposite.


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