How Big Tech elites are helping China achieve global supremacy


Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ exposes Communist China’s Silicon Valley sympathizers

We went from the greatest generation to the absolute worst in three short generations.

The global left has utterly captured the young. morally bankrupt millennial.

By:NY Post, January 23, 2022:

It’s no secret that China wants to surpass the United States in world dominance, yet American elites continue to help the communist’s government’s ambitions rather than treating them as the enemy. In his new book, “Red-Handed,” Peter Schweizer — author of best-sellers such as “Clinton Cash” and “Profiles in Corruption” — outlines the ways top politicians and CEOS get rich off China. In this exclusive excerpt for The Post, he reveals how Big Tech companies have sacrificed privacy and national security in pursuit of Beijing riches.

Blinded by their ambition, Silicon Valley elites are helping Communist China achieve their ultimate goal: “Technology supremacy” over the West.

“Science and technology is a national weapon,” President Xi Jinping has said. “We should seize the commanding heights of technological competition and future development.”

To accomplish this goal, Beijing has created “civilian-military fusion,” which means any technological advance in the civilian market must be applied directly to the military sphere. And they have effectively courted and seduced many powerful people in America’s tech industry to willingly, and sometimes enthusiastically, play along.

In 2015, the Obama Administration held an official State Dinner at the White House for China’s Xi. The East Room was decorated in peach and pink roses. The crowd included two hundred elite guests from the world of government and business. Among them was Mark Zuckerberg, the young-looking cofounder of Facebook, and his wife, Priscilla, who was seven months pregnant. When Zuckerberg finally got his chance to see the guest of honor face-to-face, he made an unusual request: would the communist dictator give his child his Chinese name?

Xi, understandably surprised by the request, declined, saying it was “too great a responsibility.”

It was not the first time the Facebook cofounder had gushed over Chinese officials. In late 2014, a high-ranking Chinese official named Lu Wei made a trip to Silicon Valley. Lu was a Communist Party hack, the former deputy head of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China. President Xi had recently appointed him to head the “Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Information.” In short, Lu was China’s Internet czar, with the Orwellian job of restricting access to certain ideas and monitoring the flow of information.

The Chinese government had given him plenty of tools to do his job. In 2013, they created a law making it a crime to spread rumors online; if a post deemed untrue received more than five hundred reposts, the original poster could be sentenced to up to three years in prison.

President Xi Jinping declined the opportunity to give Mark Zuckerberg’s child his Chinese name.


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