Horowitz: The country the COVID cultists don’t want to discuss


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It’s the dirty “I” word that shall not be named. And by that, I don’t mean ivermectin, but Israel.

During the lockdowns, the COVID cultists ignored the existence of Sweden as the ultimate control group on the greatest experiment on human civilization of all time. Now they don’t want to acknowledge the existence of Israel as the ultimate study group on the greatest experiment on the human body of all time.

Last September, Philip Dormitzer, the chief scientific officer at Pfizer, described Israel as “a sort of laboratory” to “see the effect” of his company’s vaccines. This was because, as he put it, Israel “immunized a very high proportion of the population very early — so it’s been a way that we can almost look ahead: What we see happening in Israel happens again in the US a couple months later.”

Well, now we have a full year of data from the most boosted country on earth and the only one to administer four doses. So what are the results?

What you are looking at is not just a case rate chart. This is an ICU admission chart. And this is the daily death chart:



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