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Holland On The Brink Of Civil War – The Dutch Have Had Enough

- AND Magazine - Sam Faddis - GELLER REPORT - JUL 6, 2022 -

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One of the many assurances we are given by our corporate overlords and their minions in the liberal press is that we should be more like Europe. By that they mean we should accept a social welfare nanny state and surrender our rights to our betters in the elite. The Dutch don’t seem to have gotten that memo.


About a week ago the government of the Netherlands announced it was declaring war on the nation’s farmers. In order to reduce what it considers nitrogen pollution the government has adopted a policy of drastically reducing herds, forcing many farmers out of business and cutting back on meat, pork, poultry, and dairy products for human consumption. The government wants to eliminate one-third of Holland’s 50,000 farms by 2030.

In response, all hell has broken loose.

Dutch farmers have blocked supermarkets, food distribution centers, and roads in protests this week. Supermarket shelves are bare throughout the Netherlands as food distribution has been brought to a standstill. Wednesday morning, farmers are expected to demonstrate at the Groningen Airport Elde, according to Dutch media. The farmers have been joined now by Dutch fishermen who are blockading ports in solidarity.

On Monday farmers appeared at the home of the Nature and Nitrogen Minister Van der Wal-Zeggelink. Hay was burned, fireworks were set off and a police car was pushed out of the way so tractors could enter the street. Farmers also emptied a tanker containing slurried manure into the roadway. Police were apparently unable to disperse the assembled farmers due to the size of the protest.

Farmers also protested in the Netherlands’ political capital, The Hague, where two cows were brought to participate in the protests as well. Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the actions “unacceptable and out of proportion” and condemned the farmers’ actions. He has characterized the massive protests as the actions of a small minority and demanded they stop. His comments have been echoed by other members of his administration.

Last night things escalated further. Dutch police fired shots at protesting farmers. According to the police they were being threatened by the farmers. They claim the farmers were attempting to push past a checkpoint and roadblock onto a highway in the province of Friesland and started to drive their tractors onto police officers and their vehicles. Video from the scene does not appear to confirm this version of the facts.

According to the Dutch police, their shots hit a tractor and no one was injured. Three individuals were arrested. The Rijksrecherche, the Dutch government's internal investigator, said it would look into the events as required when police discharge their weapons.



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