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Help influence the Georgia Runoff Election!


Greetings Friends! The 2022 midterm election is not quite over yet – we still have a victory to secure in the Georgia Senate race getting Herschel Walker over the finish line and defeating the pro-abortion pastor Raphael Warnock.

Right now the Democrats have won 50 seats in the Senate, and the Republicans 49. A victory for Herschel Walker will bring it back to 50-50, just as it has been these last two years. We need to remind voters that this is much better than 51-49, because if the Democrats have 51 seats, they fully control all the committees in the Senate. But under a 50-50 scenario, something called “power-sharing” kicks in, and the Republicans have more leverage in committees and other Senate procedures. It makes a big difference.

Not only that, but an additional Republican seat will make it a bit harder for the Democrats to pass bills, or confirm appointments (including judges!). Think about the filibuster. It was only because two Democrat senators opposed getting rid of it that it still stands. We don’t want to make that easier for them.

Finally, remember that Senators serve a six-year term. So whoever gets in thanks to this election is in the Senate not just for this Congress, but for the next two Congresses, going into the next Presidential administration! To have Herschel Walker as a Senator in the next Congress makes our chances much better for taking the majority (or even a super-majority) in the next two elections!

In the election that just finished, voter turnout was part of the problem in Georgia.

Many pro-life voters stayed home for various reasons. We cannot win elections staying home. The Democrats don’t even have to cheat if pro-life voters are so discouraged they stay home. We have to beat them at their own game, and that includes casting your honest legitimate vote. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Make phone calls to Georgia voters from the comfort of your own home, regardless of where you live in the country. You can sign up through our friends at Faith and Freedom Coalition.

  2. Knock on doors throughout the Peach State encouraging people to vote.

  3. Get out the word on social media. Even if you do not live in Georgia, your post may be seen by someone who does live in Georgia, or has friends or family living in Georgia

  4. If you were a poll worker in the primary or General Election, or even if you were not, and are available for the runoff, we need honest dedicated patriots like you to be poll workers. This is a paid position and if you don’t take the position, someone less honest may do so.

  5. Organize voter registration drives for anyone who may not have registered for the General Election.

  6. Encourage your church to be involved! Find out what literature you are allowed to place in the foyer. If you are in Georgia, encourage your clergy to speak about the importance of voting pro-life.

  7. Encourage your pro-life friends and family to vote regardless of whether they participated in the General Election or not. We need them to show up again – or to show up for the first time – either way.


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