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Harris Defiles the Declaration


Yesterday in Florida, the vice president censored certain words of our founding document that are inconvenient to the cause of abortion on demand.

It takes either a lot of nerve or a lot of ignorance to be Kamala Harris. Or, more likely, it takes both.

Harris was at a Florida rally yesterday — the 50th anniversary of the now-overturned Roe v. Wade — to promote the killing of unborn babies under the euphemistic guise of “reproductive freedom.” At the same time, she was there to take a weird, even creepy swipe at Governor Ron DeSantis and the now solidly red redoubt he’s taken to calling “The Free State of Florida.”

During her 18-minute speech, Harris decried Florida’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, saying the proponents of this lifesaving legislation were “extremists.” It was an odd choice of words to say the least, given that her Democrat Party ardently believes in a woman’s right to an abortion at any stage of pregnancy, right up until the moment of delivery.

And she’s calling our side the extremists?

Indeed, as our Nate Jackson recently observed, Republicans are in favor of that 15-week ban, which has widespread popularity among the American people, especially the strong majority of Americans who are uncomfortable with the idea of abortion on demand. Yet there they are, the Democrats, zealously demanding taxpayer-funded abortions for the entirety of a woman’s pregnancy. Not for 18 weeks, not even for 24 weeks, but for all 40 weeks of pregnancy.

No wonder the pro-abortion extremists are so anti-science, so unwilling to even glance at an ultrasound or an in utero image of a baby during the stages of development. Having long ago rejected the Creator’s role in the everyday miracle of childbirth, they now must also reject the science of childbirth because the science clearly shows that an unborn baby is a human being and not a clump of tissue.

Indeed, the Democrats are on an ever-shrinking ice floe: According to a 2022 Pew Research poll, only 19% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all cases, with no exceptions. But the entire Democrat Party believes precisely that.

Heck, the Democrats can’t even bring themselves to protect the life of a baby who survives an abortion.

There’s a word to describe this sort of unyielding abortion absolutism. That word is monstrous.

Enough of the Democrats’ immoral war against the unborn. Let’s talk about their war against our founding document.

During her speech yesterday, Kamala Harris tried to equate the fight to protect abortion with the fight to abolish slavery and the fight to secure a woman’s right to vote. She also tried to appropriate the Declaration of Independence for her pro-abortion argument, but in order to do so, consider the violence she had to do to that document’s most memorable passage: “We are each endowed,” she said, “with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Huh? Who, exactly, did our Founders believe endowed those rights? And what happened to the first and foremost of those rights — the right without which the others are meaningless? What happened to the right to life?

This butchery of our nation’s founding document is, sadly, not a new occurrence. The Democrats have been writing its precise language out of their prepared remarks for years — and willfully so, not just due to the demented ramblings of their party’s standard-bearer.

This weekend in Washington, DC, pro-life advocates marked the 50th annual March for Life. It was a worthy celebration of a noble cause — a cause that appears more urgent now than ever.

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