GEOPOLITICA.RU - Jan 9, 2021 -


Our name is Ashley Babbitt.

In history we had and still have many opposite issues and conflicts with US on the geopolitical level. We fight on different side of conflicts in many occasion. But what is going on in USA now is other question. That is the question of principles.

The half of USA is under totalitarian rule of other half. There is real left-liberal dictatorship that has arrived. And in such situation we are obliged to express full solidarity with oppressed half.

That were not the elections this time there was Coup d’Etat accomplished by the conspiracy of the illegitimate elites. The American presidency was hijacked. Now USA is under control of extremist junta. Welcome to Maidan or Third world.

But that is for the first time when the globalists have used the same scenario of colour revolution including stolen election, fraud, disinformation campaign at home. So their face is now fully discovered and clearly seen. Before they approved such tactics by “American national interests”. Now American themselves are victims. It is logical conclusion. If you start to use lie and violence there comes the moment when you can not use it anymore – from certain time lie will use you.

The main struggle is now clearly international. The globalists vs anti-globalists is today much more important than Russians vs Americans, or the West vs the East, or else Christians vs Muslims.

There are only two parties in the world: globalist party of Great Reset and anti-globalist party of Great Awakening. And nothing in the middle. Between them there is abyss. It wants to be filled with oceans of blood. The blood of Ashley Babbitt is the first drop.


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