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Graphic: Trudeau's forces turn violent, crush elderly woman with walker

- WORLD NET DAILY - C. Douglas Golden, The Western Journal - FEB 19, 2022 -

When law enforcement in Ottawa began a crackdown against COVID-19 protesters in the Canadian capital on Friday, Ottawa Police Chief said they would "continue to push forward to take control of our streets," according to The Associated Press.

The cost of taking control of Ottawa's streets from protesters? Knocking over an elderly woman who was using a walker with a horse, apparently.

If video circulated on social media is any indication, the unidentified woman was one of several caught underhoof as authorities moved against Freedom Convoy protesters as part of an operation that saw over 100 people arrested.

The move is one of numerous outrages we've seen since the beginning of the crackdown, which was amplified after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act earlier this week. (Here at The Western Journal, we've been documenting the abuses -- and we'll continue to, as long as the crackdown lasts. You can help our mission by subscribing.)

On its official Twitter account, Ottawa Police showed their ranks trying to push protesters back by progressively moving a line of heavily armored "Public Order Police" forward at a slow pace in order to clear the Freedom Convoy protesters:


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