Government secretly deployed British troops to defend Saudi Arabian oil fields

- INDEPENDENT - Nov 28, 2020 -

Jon Stone -

The Ministry of Defence says Saudi oil fields are ‘critical economic infrastructure’ (Getty Images)

The government deployed British troops to defend oil fields in Saudi Arabia without telling parliament or the public, it can be revealed.

Opposition parties accused the government of lacking a "moral compass" and dodging scrutiny, while campaigners said the episode was "symptomatic of the toxic relationship" between the UK government and the oil-rich autocracy.

The Ministry of Defence says the oil fields are "critical economic infrastructure" and that gunners from the 16th Regiment Royal Artillery were needed to help defend against drone strikes.

Incredibly, the military operation, which was launched February in this year, overlapped with a ban on exporting military hardware to the middle eastern dictatorship.

Until July ministers were blocked by the Court of Appeal from signing-off military exports because of concerns that Saudi forces were committing war crimes in their conflict with rebels based in neighbouring Yemen.




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