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Google and Amazon Workers Fill Streets to Protest Tech Deal with Jewish State

- GIZMODO - GELLER REPORT - Mack DeGeurin - SEP 9, 2022 -

Workers rally outside Google’s New York City office on Thursday, September 8th, 2022. Photo: Mack DeGeurin/Gizmodo

Workers spread out across four cities to demand Amazon and Google quit a cloud computing project and sever ties with the Israeli Government

“No justice, no peace, tech workers are in the streets!” Those words echoed through the air outside Google’s New York City office as workers left for the day on Thursday evening. Outside, they faced a street packed with dozens of Google and Amazon employees opposed to Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion cloud computing project funded by the the government of Israel.

While government tech contracts are usually awarded to a single company, that’s not the case with Project Nimbus, which has Google and Amazon collaborating on the multi-year project. The two companies beat out a potential partnership by Microsoft and Oracle, according to an announcement from Israel’s Finance Ministry earlier this year.

Organizers at Google and Amazon have spent the better part of a year pushing back against the contact, both internally and through calls to the public, over concerns the Israeli military could weaponize the firms’ respective tools to be used to surveil or oppress Palestinians.

“Project Nimbus is neither Google’s first or last attempt to try and become a military contractor,” Google software engineer Gabrel Schubiner said during the rally in New York. “Please help us in keeping Google from becoming complicit from apartheid.”

Protestors in New York were just a portion of the tech workers around the country voicing their opposition to Project Nimbus: Parallel demonstrations occurred throughout the day at Google’s San Francisco, Seattle, and Durham, North Carolina offices.


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