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Go Woke, Go Broke: Disney's 'Positive' Rating Plummets to 33%


Disney’s public favorability rating has plummeted to a paltry 33% in recent weeks, after the “woke” company publicly came out against a Florida bill aimed at protecting young children from being indoctrinated with LGBTQ propaganda in tax-funded schools.

According to a new poll commissioned by NBC News and conducted by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies shows only 15% of respondents said their current opinion of Disney is “very positive,” with another 18% saying them hold a “somewhat positive” view of the company.

A combined 30% said their opinion is either “very” or “somewhat negative,” while 37% say they’re either “neutral” or “not sure.”'

The numbers mark a sharp decline in the public’s opinion of the kids’ entertainment company, falling from a 77% positive rating in early March, according to another Public Opinion Strategies poll. At the time, only 21% of respondents said they held a negative view of Disney, with a full 36% of those who said they’d heard about Disney in the news reporting that recent events had made them less favorable toward the company.


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