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'Get back to business': Disney shareholder blasts company for wasting shareholders' money


Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images

A Disney shareholder is speaking out after the Walt Disney Company caved to woke demands and vocally opposed Florida's Parental Rights in Education law.

What are the details?

Speaking with Fox News, shareholder Rob Keating said Disney should return to creating excellent stories — and stay far away from politics.

"Here’s a suggestion for Disney CEO Bob Chapek: Get back to business, that is, excellence in storytelling, and stop wasting shareholders’ money on political crusades that have nothing to do with Disney’s business," Keating said. "We all have the right to have our voices heard on issues, but not on the shareholders’ dime."

In a corresponding essay, Keating observed that Disney "managed to get itself in a political mess largely of its own making over an issue that has nothing to do with its business."

"All of this gets back to a fundamental point: Company executives who use company resources, that is, shareholder resources, to engage in politics, including so-called corporate social responsibility adventures, are, in effect, guilty of stealing from the company’s owners," Keating wrote.


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