George Soros’ globalist replacement was just exposed and conservatives should be terrified


With George Soros being in his 90’s, the clock is ticking.

Once he’s gone, the left will need another sugar daddy to fund their socialist agenda.

George Soros’ globalist replacement was just exposed and conservatives should be terrified.

It is extremely difficult to find any far-left cause anywhere in the world that George Soros doesn’t have his fingerprints on.

He uses his vast multi-billion dollar wealth to dole out cash to anybody who supports his globalist agenda.

With him living in the United States, despite being born in Hungary, he has made pushing the U.S. to the far-left a priority.

An entire industry of far-left groups, including those with direct ties to Antifa and Black Lives Matter are funded almost exclusively out of his deep pockets.

That’s why these groups are panicking with Soros’ age putting the future of their funding in doubt.

But as it turns out, there is another, even richer billionaire reportedly ready to pick up his slack and become what Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alex Marlow describes as the “New Soros” in his newly released book “Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruptions.”

Laurene Powell Jobs is the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, and in recent years has become a secret funder behind a vast network of left-wing media outlets, organizations, and politicians.

Far-left Vox describes her as “one of the world’s most important philanthropists,” which is a descriptor the left often uses for Soros.

For Soros, it is his Open Society Foundation that is used to disperse his billions to far-left causes. Jobs has the Emerson Collective, which she funds and leads.

Forbes describes the Emerson Collective as “a hybrid philanthropic and investing limited liability company.”

The group engages in doling out boatloads of money to left-wing causes and charities, as well as owning and operating businesses, largely in the form of fake news organizations.

Perhaps the biggest of those left-wing news outlets owned by the Emerson Collective is The Atlantic.

As Breitbart’s Marlow explains, The Atlantic was behind what may have been the biggest fake news story of the 2020 election.

The Atlantic published what is perhaps the single fakest fake news story of the 2020 election,” Marlow writes. “On September 3, 2020, editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg posted an article with the bombshell headline “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.’” The piece alleged that Donald Trump, while in France to commemorate American Marines who died in World War II, denigrated American soldiers who died in combat.”

Jobs also funds ACRONYM, a Democrat tech venture that pumped $25 million into Courier Newsroom.

Courier Newsroom operates fake news websites disguised as independent local newsrooms across the country in order to slip left-wing stories into Facebook feeds, taking advantage of the big tech company working to prioritize local news sources.

Those two groups are so extreme that even the left-wing media watchdog NewsGuard sounded the alarm, writing: “Courier and Acronym are exploiting the widespread loss of local journalism to create and disseminate something we really don’t need: hyperlocal partisan propaganda.”


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