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George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning strike, witnesses say


Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite

A George Floyd mural in Toledo, Ohio, was destroyed by what witnesses say was a lightning strike, police told WTVG-TV.

What are the details?

The building wall upon which the mural was painted collapsed, the station said, adding that WTVG's Doppler radar showed a lightning strike around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the block where the building — which used to house the Mugshots Bar — is located.

In the aftermath, the station said Toledo police were seen outside the building and setting up tape around the pile of bricks upon which the artwork was crafted.

The building itself is structurally sound, a city building inspector told WTVG, and the owner of the building is working to clean up the bricks and tear down the rest of the mural wall.

However, an updated version of WTVG's story added that Hugh Koogan, a city building inspector, told the Toledo Blade newspaper that the collapse was a result of natural deterioration and that the middle of the wall was bowing recently.

"It was just age," the inspector told the Blade, according to WTVG. "It just came away." It's unclear if Koogan is the city building inspector WTVG cited saying the building is structurally sound.


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