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From Germany: Never Rely On A Government ‘Expert’


Pierre Gosselin continues to do yeoman’s work at NoTrickZone in exposing the climate fraud in Germany. His latest exposes more disinformation at ZDF, German public broadcasting. The masses are learning that, as with climate change fraud, as with the fake pandemic.

This week we see ‘German ZDF Public Television Under Fire For Use Of Deceptive, Fudged Hockey Stick Chart’ as revealed by ‘Die Welt’ science editor Axel Bojanowski, who shows how government-approved science fakery is cunningly put together.

Bojanowski targets the centerpiece chart from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) recently trumpeted by German media and depicting the disgraced puck-slapper Dr Michael Mann’s hockey stick temperature curve graph. Since 1999 the graph has been peddled by the UN, world governments, NGO’s and other nefarious co-conspirators to try to fool us all over the frightful dangers of man-made global warming.

As with the pandemic, so with combating climate challenge: each requires enormous personal financial and social sacrifice from average citizens. As we – the ’99 percent’ – make sacrifices the ‘One Percent’ gets ever richer. Funny how that works!

All by utter deception.

Speaking of deception, honest German scientists are beginning the pushback against the climate and Covid crooks. Recently, more than 600 medical and other professionals debunked the COVID-19 narrative, which has harmed more people than the virus itself.

Despite being heavily censored on every media platform the message seeps through and – drip, drip, drip – the global citizenry will eventually all have a healthy dose of reality on the corruption and incompetence of so-called government science ‘experts.’

For over 20 years I’ve battled systemic government corruption. Alongside other seasoned cynics, we know all too well that the same modus operandi used in the global climate fraud has been in play in the COVID-19 fraud. These schemes are planned years in advance and are sophisticated and well camouflaged by wholesale media cooperation. If you are in any doubt, look no further than the sham experts: Dr Anthony Fauci (US) and Professor Neil Ferguson (UK).


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