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Free America I

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE - David Horowitz - NOV 17, 2022

When lawlessness has consumed as many governmental authorities as it has under Joe Biden, facing the reality can be a daunting prospect. Particularly since the straits we find ourselves in are already so dire that a sober assessment includes the reality that our survival depends on it.

Consequently, we have no choice but to face this reality and all the dimensions of its existential threats, or be overwhelmed by it.

Our nation is under siege. And not just by nuclear-armed totalitarian enemies outside the gates, who are determined to destroy us. But even more ominously by a domestic party that is racist and criminal, in control of the White House, and ready to betray us.

Take the totalitarian threat from Communist China whose leader’s stated ambition is to annex independent countries and dominate the world. Although there is a general consensus in the media to pretend that things are fairly normal, we are in fact already at war with China. China is ruled by a ruthless tyrant, currently engaged in a genocide against Chinese Muslims, but whom Joe Biden insists is a reasonable competitor.

With investments from Fauci and the CDC, China’s military created a deadly biological weapon in its Wuhan laboratory, concealed the dangers and actively spread the poison abroad, eventually killing 9 million people – among them a million Americans. Complicit in the creation of this viral weapon, Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to actively abet Xi Jinping’s minions in hiding the origins and implications of the virus attack. Why?

Why are we burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the obvious relationship between our mortal enemy and the tentacles of his influence in the Biden White House, which begins but does not end with the killer virus?

The president and his criminal family have been paid millions by the Chinese Communists. For what? What exactly is the quid pro quo for the millions that wound up in the Biden’s pockets? No one with the power to investigate or prosecute is asking.

On his first day in the White House, Joe Biden illegally and unconstitutionally destroyed America’s southern security border — turning it over to Mexican drug cartels, who proceeded to flood the country with untrackable criminals from more than a hundred countries, among them sex traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists.

Are we just to wonder why Biden welcomed and facilitated the invasion and kept a religious silence as China unleashed a chemical weapons attack on our nation in the form of fentanyl poison that has already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans? Why has Biden maintained a collusive silence as China targeted America’s youngest citizens with millions of deadly rainbow-colored fentanyl products? Has he no decency? No care for American families? Evidently not. But no one is asking “why not”?

Or consider the humiliating, and otherwise inexplicable disaster in Afghanistan, where the U.S. military delivered that nation’s strategic resources — thousands of terrorists and billions worth of military bases — to the terrorist Taliban, and China. The multi-billion dollar Bagram Air Base, was in proximity to one of China’s nuclear facilities, and is now in Chinese hands. Coincidence? Explain how an evacuating army decides to pull its troops out first, turns security over to its terrorist enemies and only then attempts to move out the thousands of unarmed hostages it had promised to protect. Explain that without reference to the contents of Hunter-Biden’s lap top.

Leon Trotsky once described the international communist parties as “frontier guards for the Soviet Union.” Democrats have shown they know just how to use the incriminating contents of Hunter’s laptop to protect both the treason and the Chinese. Get 51 top intelligence officials to perjure themselves in a formal letter dismissing the laptop, sight unseen, as “Russian disinformation.” Get their tech frontmen to use media — social and otherwise — to complete the suppression of this treachery and rig a presidential election. Attack anyone who questions these criminal operations as an anti-democracy “election denier”…. Then proceed to the next foreign policy fiascos in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Above all, ignore the fact that influence peddling deals with Moscow and Beijing have made the whole Biden family — Joe, Jill, Jim, Hunter & more — wealthy. And have put information in the hands of their Russian and Chinese handlers that could destroy the lives, wealth and reputations of the whole lot in one stroke.

Biden has gotten away with so much criminality thus far that he is probably confident that he has so corrupted the Justice Department and America’s intelligence agencies, that he could weather even this storm and quash an indictment. Though the consequences for his legacy and reputation would still be damaging.

China is the other border that has been breached and needs to be secured. Everybody knows that China has a massive espionage campaign to steal our secrets and technology. Spies have turned up on the Harvard faculty, which is no surprise given the fertile ground of anti-American hatreds our universities have become. FBI Director Wray just told the House Homeland Security Committee that, “China’s vast hacking program is the world’s largest, and they have stolen more Americans’ personal and business data than every other nation combined” — and military secrets? Last month, Wray said the Bureau has more than 2,000 China-related cases. It opens a new China-related case every 12 hours. According to the DOJ:

About 80 percent of all economic espionage prosecutions brought by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) allege conduct that would benefit the Chinese state, and there is at least some nexus to China in around 60 percent of all trade secret theft cases.

In 2018, Trump created a “China Initiative” specifically to deal with this problem. But the Biden Justice Department shut it down claiming that it was “racist,” and opened the door to China’s influence and espionage operations as usual.

The battle before us is daunting indeed, and will remain so as long as we avert our eyes from the gravity of the threat, and pretend that it is not what it seems. Our country cannot survive if our border is open, if our streets are not safe, if the Democrat Party is a big enough tent to include the terrorist caucus known as “the Squad,” if treason is normalized and Americans are treated as second class citizens by their own government in their own country.

It’s time to stand up and be counted, because the hour is late.


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