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For First Time in Modern History, Florida Republicans Outnumber Democrats

- GELLER REPORT - ABC & AP - DEC 13, 2021 -

America isn’t a country v- it’s a state, Florida. Free. And it why the fraudulent Biden admin has turned on the illegal migrant spigot.

Expect election fraud on the same massive scale as 2020.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — In Florida, for the first time in modern history, registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is heading into a reelection campaign buoyed by a national profile and a cash reserve unmatched by any Democratic challenger. And Republicans control virtually all of state government.

When Democrats met recently for their annual strategy conference, Annette Taddeo, a Democratic state senator running for governor, said there was a clear sense of the difficulties ahead for the party.

“Of course this fight will not be easy, but it’s about so much more than any one of us, and as Florida Democrats, we have lost so many times that donors and pundits have given up on us,” Taddeo said. But, she added, “I believe and I know we can win if we create the coalition of voters that are needed to win in a state where these decisions are made by 1% or less.”

With the 2022 election approaching, Democrats are confronting a host of disadvantages as they work to rebuild campaign networks and try to reignite excitement in their party. There is a growing worry that big donors and the national wing of the party may consider Florida to be GOP territory after years of bruising losses.

“In the current state of American politics, and especially in a state with as many major television markets and population centers, you’re going to need more help,” said state Rep. Evan Jenne, a Democrat. “It’s not as if Floridians can’t be swayed one way or the other. We need more coordination with the national party.”

The Democratic Governors Association has bristled at assertions that it has ceded Florida to Republicans. A spokesperson said the group is building its general election infrastructure, with investments in media and messaging. The Democratic National Committee is stepping up organizing efforts in the state.

“Florida is a competitive battleground in 2022, and the DGA has made defeating DeSantis a priority. That’s why we’ve already started investing in Florida and are working with our candidates to ensure we have what it takes to take on DeSantis next fall,” said Marshall Cohen, political director for the governors group.

Florida Republicans are coming off a string of victories that include Donald Trump’s two presidential campaigns, and have been aggressive in organizing at the local level, especially as DeSantis has gained in popularity due to his opposition to coronavirus lockdowns and mandates.


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