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Fmr DNI Ratcliffe: FBI, DOJ Have Become the Enforcement Arm of the Democratic Party

- BREITBART - JEFF POOR - AUG 14, 2022 -

During an appearance on FNC’s “Sunday Night in America,” former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe criticized the apparent double standard that is applied to Democrats and Republicans in investigations.


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Ratcliffe argued that given that double standard, the takeaway is that the Department of Justice and the FBI were the “enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.”

“I have to imagine you and Jimmy, and I were among millions of Americans that were choking back disbelief when Attorney General Merrick Garland was talking about how the Department of Justice and FBI were committed to the even-handed application of the law to everyone, including Donald Trump, when the FBI and Department of Justice, so clearly as Jimmy pointed out, don’t have clean hands on this matter,” he said. “You mentioned Jim Comey – you have an FBI director who has admitted that Donald Trump was treated differently under the law than Barack Obama and Democrats.”

“Remember you had an FBI director in Jim Comey – you talk about disparity of treatment, wrote an exoneration memo two months before he interviewed Hillary Clinton, knowing that Hillary Clinton had dozens of classified, sensitive compartmented information in her possession before other witnesses were interviewed, and wrote a memo clearing her,” Ratcliffe continued. “That very same FBI director Jim Comey, on his book tour, admitted I did things to Donald Trump that I never did on Barack Obama or would have tried. So, think about that, an FBI director who is admitting I applied the law unevenly, I applied my authority unevenly because it was Donald Trump and Republicans.”

“And to that point, that FBI director, having cleared Clinton before he ever talked to her, opened an investigation into Donald Trump’s afternoon, after he learned that the Russia collusion allegations were actually created by Hillary Clinton and then went so far as to lie on the FISA court and verify a dossier he knew to be fake to continue spying on the Trump campaign,” he added. “So, the American people, unfortunately, see that when it comes to Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, that the past six years we have an FBI and Department of Justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.”


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