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Flashback: Klaus Schwab Admits Nationalism a Threat to Great Reset

- INFOWARS - JULY 14, 2021 -

'It's high time for a Great Reset,' says top globalist. Image Credit: youtube

Video going viral on social media shows World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, one of the primary architects of the Great Reset, declaring nationalism a threat to the New World Order.

In a recent video message, the Bond villain-esque Schwab warns other globalists about the threat of people being proud of their country because it undermines a global society framework.

“Fragmented global architecture is not fit anymore for purpose in the 21st century,” Schwab imparts.

“It’s high time for a Great Reset.”

“Change is not happening. We have a choice to stay passive and seize the negative trends and revel in inequality, polarization, nationalism, racism.

“If you do not stop those trends will lead to a post-corona world that is definitely less sustainable, less equal and much more fragile.”

The video appears to originate from a July 8, 2020 WEF summit.

In the same speech, Schwab mentioned the prospect of a “cyber [pandemic]…which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.”


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