Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship with the Government


Lucio Saverio Eastman -

Fully 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, with only 8% of resolutions kept year-long. After the holidays, many people endeavor to eat healthier or exercise more. It’s as simple as committing to floss or exercise daily. That is until you run out of floss and forget to buy more… or are too sore for exercise the next day. It’s easy to fall out of new habits.

Here’s a resolution worth keeping: Stop allowing abusive relationships to continue. If you have ever lived through an emotionally abusive relationship, you already know the signs. However if you’re unaware, it can be hard to accept or realize that you’re already in one. I’m in one. You’re in one. (Yes, you!) We’re all in an abusive relationship together.

As the infographic below describes: “Abusive relationships can arise anywhere – with partners, friends, families, workplaces or governments.” [Emphasis added].

Here are the warning signs of an abusive relationship, along with current examples of how governments are offenders, most of which you’ll likely recognize:

You may be in an abusive relationship if they…

1. Stop you seeing friends and family

We are all in this together, apart.

Stay home, stay safe.” That’s what we’re told. At first, it was temporary: Staying apart would slow the spread, flatten the curve, preserve hospital capacity and the energy of our exhausted healthcare workers. And we followed along, believing that staying apart would keep us together.

To date, many bars, restaurants, and cafes are still closed or have capacity limits and some have closed permanently. Border closures and travel restrictions prevent people from congregating with family for holidays or taking vacations. Even neighborly gatherings are subject to curfews or bans. Then, there is the tragedy of loved ones dying alone in hospitals or long-term care facilities due to restrictions.


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