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Feds reeling from new vax study, lawsuits on social media censorship and C0V1D stat manipulation

- GELLER REPORT - Greg Piper - SEP 7, 2022 -

New research estimates C0V1D vax causes at least 18 “serious adverse events” in young adults for every hospitalization prevented. NIH observational study finds “variety of neuropathic symptoms” post-vaccination.

A federal judge ordered White House COVID adviser Anthony Fauci and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to respond to document requests in a First Amendment lawsuit alleging the feds coerced social media companies to stamp out dissenting COVID claims, some of which the feds now acknowledge have merit.

Because of an untimely sick dog, the Justice Department is behind the eight ball in resisting a “special grand jury” to investigate federal officials for decisions that “significantly compromise[d] the accuracy and integrity of COVID-related data.”

Oregon state Sens. Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum and naturopath Henry Ealy went to court in March to compel the impaneling, alleging that statistical manipulation caused “a significant hyperinflation of COVID-19 case, hospitalization, and death counts” and $3.5 trillion in resulting fraudulent taxpayer expenditures.

The CDC’s universal promotion of new “bivalent” boosters, authorized by the FDA based in part on eight mice, and a White House plan to make the shots annual are also facing headwinds from increasingly high-profile research on vaccine risk versus benefit.

The White House plan is “is not data-driven and ignores nat[ural] imm[unity] & concerns of immune imprinting from a multi-dose vax strategy,” Johns Hopkins University medical professor and National Academy of Medicine member Marty Makary tweeted.


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