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FDA and CDC ignore reports of serious Covid-19 vaccine injuries from highly credentialed pro-vaccine

- INJECTING FREEDOM - Aaron Siri - OCT 12, 2021 -

Dr. Patricia Lee’s bravery and ethical backbone will hopefully inspire other physicians.

Bravery comes in many forms. Sometimes just telling the truth is an incredibly noble and brave act. That is what one fully vaccinated intensive care unit (ICU) physician and surgeon did after she witnessed a litany of heartbreaking serious harms and deaths from Covid-19 vaccines. This highly trained physician, trusted to care for patients for over two decades, including at Georgetown and Harvard University affiliated hospitals, penned a detailed letter to the FDA and the CDC describing these harms.

Risking her career and more, she thought long and hard before finally emailing her letter to FDA and CDC officials. She then held her breath … but, alas, over a week passed with no response – not even an acknowledgement. She then turned to our firm and within hours of sending a legal letter, the FDA responded to the doctor. Sadly, the response was not about public health. It was about public relations.

It did not come from a medical officer, but instead from an FDA director of communications. Nor did it seek any information regarding the serious injuries described. Instead, this public relations communication was a tone-deaf, reality-defying touting of VAERS (if you don’t know what VAERS is, read this letter) which ended with the offer that if the doctor is “interested,” they could discuss VAERS and answer any questions. A truly incredible response to the doctor’s detailed claims of harm.

The moral and ethical hero in this real-life story is Dr. Patricia Lee, a highly credentialed ICU physician and surgeon. For decades, her keen clinical judgment has been relied upon at premier hospitals. But when it comes to her reports of serious harms from Covid-19 vaccines, which the FDA and CDC have been pom-pom cheerleading (well before licensure and far before sufficient safety data was available), they treat Dr. Lee as if she has nothing to offer. As if her experiences with these products are illusory.

Dr. Lee is not describing sore arms. She is describing serious harms, including quadriplegia, organ failure, and brain blood clots. As Dr. Lee explains in her letter to the FDA, it is “statistically improbable that any one physician should witness this many Covid-19 vaccine injuries if the federal health authority claims regarding Covid-19 vaccine safety were accurate.”

Further reflecting this reality, Dr. Lee explained she has “spoken with colleagues who have also had similar experiences in treating patients” but none would publicly acknowledge these injuries because they thought doing so would “fuel vaccine hesitancy” or result in “backlash.” This approach to medicine is the real danger.

It took true bravery and moral fortitude for Dr. Lee to speak out. She is a real-life hero, doing what most physicians apparently now consider unthinkable and untouchable, indeed sacrilegious – saying anything negative, no matter how true, regarding Covid-19 vaccines. Truth eventually shines through, and history rarely remembers the conformers, but rather the nonconformers that stood up when it was difficult to speak truth. Dr. Lee, one would hope, will inspire other physicians treating Covid-19 vaccine injuries to come forward.


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