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Fauci says not ‘going to be able to determine’ if his destructive lockdowns were worth it

- WASHINGTON EXAMINER - Heather Hamilton - MAR 30, 2022 -

This lethal sociopath answers to no one despite his incalculable destruction to this country

“Obviously, when you do have that kind of restriction on society, there are unintended negative consequences, particularly in children who are not allowed to go to school, in the psychological and mental health aspects it has on children, in the economic stress that it puts on society in general, on individual families,” Fauci said. “Obviously, those are negative consequences that are unintended. One has to look at the balance of lives saved, hospitalizations avoided.”


Fauci added that he cannot say whether future lockdowns will be needed, admitting that the idea of them now “has a charged element to it.”

“I believe that we must keep our eye on the pattern of what we’re seeing with infections,” Fauci said. “Right now, I’ll take the United States, for example, the cases continue to go down, the hospitalizations go down, and the deaths go down. We are going in a gradual way towards what we all hope will be normal.”

However, Fauci noted that the U.S. should expect to see what the United Kingdom is experiencing with a resurgence of the omicron variant, particularly the BA.2 subvariant. He could not say what the next winter would look like.


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