- UNREDACTED - AUG 9, 2021 - Unredacted Staff -

Chinese leader Xi Jinping took steps in December 2019 and January 2020 “that he knew or should have known” would release COVID-19 to the world, and shows “deliberate spread of the disease,” Gordon Chang, an expert on China, told Newsmax.

“He lied about contagiousness and while locking down his own country, he was pressuring other countries not to impose travel restrictions and quarantines on arrivals from China,” Chang said of Xi.

“You put those two things together, and there are more, but you put just those two things together, and this shows that this was a deliberate spread of the disease. “

Chang said Xi “knows that he has spread” COVID-19 to the rest of the world and that he can spread the next disease “with impunity, and we know the Chinese military researchers are working on pathogens they call specific ethnic genetic attacks.”

“They will leave the Chinese immune and they will sicken and kill everybody else, which means the next disease from China could be a civilisation killer, which means that there may very well be no America afterwards,” Chang further claimed. “So if we want to protect our country, and I don’t think Biden really does. If we want to protect our country, we have to establish those costs, so China doesn’t do this again.”

In a recent speech, former US President Donald Trump called in “all nations” to work together to give China the bill for a minimum of $10 trillion to compensate for damages caused by the pandemic.


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