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EU on brink: Bloc collapse predicted as 'southern state could ditch eurozone'

- EXPRESS - Oct 4, 2020 -

Charlie Bradley -

THE EUROPEAN UNION is in the midst of economic divisions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - and a historian told that a southern member state could leave the eurozone.

The ongoing global recession has plagued the world's biggest economies, including the EU. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presided over a deadlock regarding the bloc’s economic response to the coronavirus pandemic. The bloc managed to reach an agreement two days later than anticipated after arduous negotiations earlier this year. Leaders reached a historic agreement for a £675billion (€745bn) recovery fund on the summit's fifth day after tense disagreement.

The Netherlands, one of the so called 'Frugals' – a group of EU member states which has argued for smaller spending commitments – proved to be a stumbling block during talks.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resisted the plans, laying bare the divisions between the north and south of Europe.

Historian David Marsh told that eurozone disputes could cause a southern EU member state to split from the monetary union.

He said: "Sometimes crises lead to people coming together more – there's the old adage that Europe is 'forged in crises'.


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