EU crumbling: Italy, France, Spain and Germany reveal true extent of anti-EU sentiment

EXPRESS - Aug 11, 2020 -

Europe's 'big four' member states have revealed how likely they would be to leave the bloc (Image: Getty)

EUROPE'S "big four" member states - Italy, France, Spain and Germany - have revealed how likely they would be to leave the bloc if Brexit proves a success, according to a new research.

Italy would be the most likely to consider leaving the EU, if Brexit is found to have a positive effect on the UK economy five years on from Britain quitting the bloc. France and Spain showed a moderate interest in changing its relationship with the EU, while Germany was the least likely to consider quitting the Union, according to the research.

The findings were made in a recent poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, which quizzed 1,500 people in each of the four countries, 6,000 people in total, between July 17-18.

Pollsters asked respondents: "I will be more likely to support my country leaving the EU if the UK and its economy are in a good state in five years, agree or disagree?"

It found Italians were most in favour of learn the EU, with 45 percent either agreeing or strongly agreeing with the idea of an "Italexit."


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