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Election 2022: More bad news for Democrats


Tuesday’s elections in which Republicans in local races crushed their opponents support the turn against Democrats that we’ve been seeing in polls. And the latest bad omen for the Dems came with focus groups of two of their strongest voting blocs by HIT Strategies. They were blacks 25 and older who always vote Democrat and young people 25-39 who always vote Democrat.

They don’t seem to be buying the Democrats’ pitch about the economy booming under Biden. They complain that everything costs more and they’re having trouble making ends meet. They complained about rampant crime and liberal DA’s releasing crooks. They’re tired of COVID restrictions and aren’t that enthusiastic about voting because they think the Dems have been ineffectual.

Stories like that have some far-left thinkers like AOC pushing the idea of going whole-hog on the radical leftism and trying to shove as much of it onto the nation as possible before they’re kicked out of office. There are also trial balloons about trying to resurrect a scaled-down version of the “Build Back Better” boondoggle bill. It was already killed by Sen. Joe Manchin, but now it appears that any attempts to reanimate a Mini-Me of it are already doomed. This time, it’s Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema who’s reportedly telling supporters in private that that dog is dead.

Running out of options for buying votes, President Biden just pulled a Hail Mary play and at the urging of Senate Democrats, once again extended the moratorium on making student loan payments until August. They claim if we don’t extend this program yet again, loan delinquency rates may skyrocket.

But as Spencer Brown at points out at that link, the argument that we must continue COVID relief programs to keep Americans out of bankruptcy contradicts the White House messaging that thanks to Biden, the economy is booming and everyone is finding good-paying jobs.

There’s also the problem that putting off paying back student loans until August means that unless it’s extended yet again, people will get hit with the bills just as campaign season is heating up.

One could easily draw a comparison between people with high student loan debt that they can’t repay and Democrats desperate to cling to their power and offices despite the dismal results of their policies. In both cases, they spent too much, didn’t think about the long-term consequences and assumed a day of reckoning would never arrive. Yet, here it comes.


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